Illuminate body oil
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Illuminate body oil

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By Gnat and Bee

Heal, Moisturize and Balance Skin

Illuminate is scented with floral notes, like walking through a sunny garden filled with roses, lavender & wildflowers. Made for all skin types.

Our body oils have the ability to:

  • balance your skin's natural moisture levels
  • increase collagen & protein production for healthy glowing skin
  • help to reduce inflammation
  • balance sebum and soothe irritations and injuries
  • reduce acne and scarring

The oil will quickly absorb into your skin, not leaving you feeling greasy. The light natural scent will last about an hour. Eliminate the need for lotions that are filled with unnecessary toxic and pore clogging and ingredients. Feed your skin and enhance your natural beauty. 


Ingredients: Organic apricot oil infused with calendula, lavender, chamomile, comfrey & rose, avocado oil, sunflower oil, frankincense essential oil, wild orange essential oil, lavender essential oil & clary sage essential oil. 

To Use: Generously massage oil over entire body after bathing. Oil remaining on your hands may be finished on hair ends. Use daily for soft & nourished skin. May also be used for massage, face cleanser, bath, hair and more.

Container: 2 oz. cobalt blue glass bottle. Expiration date will be noted on the label. 

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