Thistle and Rose Face Clay
Gnat and Bee

Thistle and Rose Face Clay

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By Gnat and Bee

Facial cleansing grains are part of a centuries-old beauty regimen popular in Asian counties, and has recently become more well known in western cultures.

This powdered facial cleanser combines natural ingredients to gently exfoliate and remove excess oil and dirt without stripping your skin's natural beneficial moisture. Just add water and your skin will be left clean, smooth and radiant.

I use this Clay in two ways - either just to wash my face (instead of soap) and rinse after gentle exfoliation. Or I let it dry as a mask then rinse. 

Made with organic: White kaolin Clay, oats, milk thistle seed meal, rose, green tea, rosehip, geranium essential oil. 

To use: Take a small amount of powder into the palm of your hand and mix with water adding a tiny bit at a time until paste forms. Or, add dry power onto your wet face. Then gently cleanse your face using small circular motions. Rinse with warm water and follow with toner and moisturizer.

Include this wooden spoon to scoop your powder with an option in the drop down menu

*Caution - those who have an allergy to the ragweed family should avoid this product for milk thistle 

Container: 2 oz. clear glass apothecary jar with black metal lid. 

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